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Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Dinner Gets Rave Reviews!

The club was filled with dozens of smiling members and guests who were regaled with an amazing menu of tasty treats, which included Hong Kong Spring Rolls, Peking Duck and grilled filet Mignon in mouth-watering six-course dinner.

Over 60 members and their guests enjoyed a wonderful six-course dinner masterminded by renowned chef and restaurateur Alan Yeun. Everyone gave rave reviews of the food, decorations and atmosphere.

By far the food was the hit of the night. The dinner started with Hong Kong Spring rolls with delicately fried won ton wrappers and a delightful chili dipping sauce.

Hong Kong Spring roll
Hong Kong Spring roll

The second course was a multihued salad of edible flowers, Asian pear, honey glazed walnut and greens.

Multihued salad
Multihued salad of greens, edible flowers and Asian pear

The third course was champagne mimosa with tapioca.

Champagne mimosa with tapioca
Champagne mimosa with tapioca

The fourth course provided amazingly succulent Peking duck in Grand Marnier sauce with black rice.

peking duck
Peking Duck with Grand Marnier sauce and black rice

The fifth course came with medallions of filet mignon in Burgundy sauce with trio mushrooms and garlic potato puree.

filet mignon
Filet mignon medallions with Burgundy sauce

The final course was a dessert of flourless chocolate cake, ginger sauce, ice cream and fortune cookie.

dessert of flourless cake and fortune cookie
Flourless chocolate cake, ginger sauce and ice cream with fortune cookie

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