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Sail Racing Rules and Strategy Class April 22 & 29

Are you ready for racing season?

Take your sailing up to the next level. This two-session class will teach you the racing rules and strategy you’ll need to know to join any racing series held in the waters of the United States or sanctioned under the auspices of World Sailing. The rules of sailing, like the ones for golf, are self-regulated and self-enforced. It’s vital that all participants know and follow the rules at all times.


Register for the Sail Racing Rules and Strategy

Sail Racing Crew Class March 10

Don’t want to race your boat?

Don’t have a boat?

Come learn how to crew a racing boat.

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club is looking for crew members for our Wednesday night club racing season. Meet new friends, get some excitement in your life. This class will teach you what you need to know join a racing crew this year. Don’t sit at home.

Get off the couch. Come join the fun at the club!

There’s no cost and no obligation!

Click here to register for the class

Celestial navigation class set for March

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club will sponsor a celestial navigation seminar series over four dates in March and April. The class will cover all aspects of celestial navigation including: navigation terms and terminology, dead-reckoning, fixes by visual bearings, chart reading, sextant use and calibration, computing sun, star and planet observations to produce lines of position (LOP), computing latitude and longitude, and other topics for obtaining fixes anywhere in the world using celestial observations. This seminar is open to the general public and offered to club members at cost of materials.

Click here to see all the topics that will be covered.

Frostbiting kicks off at the club

On December 3, we broke out the El Toros for the first time this Fall to start off the frostbiting sailing season. It took a little effort to find all the right sails and spars, but we finally got the fleet out in the water.

The sails may have not matched the hull number, but it didn’t matter. The boats sailed nevertheless.

The winds were light but the weather was perfect for our first day.

Frostbiting will be open every Sunday from 11am-3pm, weather permitting and the harbor is free of ice. Break out your winter sailing gear and come out and join us!

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