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Race to Racine fun for all

The Fall Series of Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club kicked off Saturday, Sept 15 with light winds. Racers worked every gust and lift to make their way north. The first boat finished just after 2pm.

The lake was full of boaters coming out of every harbor.

Lanteen-rigged sailboat on Lake Michicgan
Lanteen-rigged sailboat sails from Kenosha, Wisconsin.Lanteen-rigged sailboat sails from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Lighthouse at Racine Harbor entrance
This lighthouse welcomes visitors to Racine Harbor
crew of sailing vessel Spitfire at dinner
The Spitfire crew waits for their food order after finishing first

Adult Sailing Begins Wednesday! Sign up today!

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club is offering its Adult Sailing Class this fall starting on Wednesday, Sept 12. Come experience the thrill of a lifetime and one of the most ancient means of transportation known to man. Feel the breeze in your hair on the open water. Experience the exhilaration of the spray on your skin as the boat accelerates through the waves.

Sept 12, 19, 26, Oct 3, 10, 17 (Wednesdays: 6:00pm)

In this class you will learn:

  • Sailing terms and terminology
  • Basics of sailing theory
  • How to prepare the boat for the water
  • How to raise and lower the sails
  • How to set and trim main and jib
  • How to leave and approach a dock

$175 Members / $250 Non-members

Register for Adult Sailing Class

Race 17 rescheduled! Last Wednesday Race Sept 12th!

Race 17 had to be abandoned last Wednesday due to weather conditions. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Sept 12th. This is the last Summer Series race! Don’t miss it.

Come for the race, stay for dinner!

Wednesdays, the club will be OPEN for dinner starting at 5:30pm.

All members and guests are invited! Come out and support the club. You don’t have to race to come out for dinner.

This week the menu will include Italian beef, burgers, pizza and dessert!

The regular menu will be available plus chocolate cake and ice cream sundaes!

Race/Cruise to Winthrop Harbor

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club is racing / cruising to Winthrop Harbor Saturday, Sept 22 & Sunday, Sept 23. This event is open to all Waukegan members and guests.

Racing to Winthrop Harbor

The race will start at noon (1200) for all sections. First warning will be at 1155. The starting line extends 090 degrees from Green Buoy #3 (1 mile east of the entrance to Waukegan Harbor). Leave the buoy to port and do not cross the line before 1200.

The finish line extends 100 yards 090 degrees from the Winthrop Harbor entrance. Boaters will mark their own finish time and report that time to Jim Hellquist.

Cruising to Winthrop Harbor

If you do not want to race, sail and motor cruisers are invited to come up to Winthrop Harbor and join the fun. Cruisers can start and arrive at any time.

Drive up to Winthrop Harbor

If you don’t have a boat or are unable to sail or motor up to Winthrop, you are invited to drive up and join the fun. Come up early and welcome the cruisers and racers or arrive at party time! We hope that all Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club members join us in Winthrop Harbor.

No boat, no car, no problem. Take Metra!

Don’t have a car? Don’t have a boat? Take the train! Metra has a stop in Winthrop Harbor. Check the Metra website for the Union Pacific North Line for arrival and departure times.

FREE overnight slips

North Point Marina will provide FREE slips to all Waukegan boaters. The marina has designated Piers H & I for guest slips. When entering the harbor keep the green cans to port. When leaving the harbor keep the green cans to starboard. All boats are welcome to stay overnight.

map Winthrop Harbor
Winthrop Harbor map

To obtain the gate codes for the piers and restroom/showers, please contain webmaster @

Party at North Point!

North Point Marina is sponsoring a FREE party for Waukegan members and guests. The party includes food and drink. All clubs members are encouraged to join the festivities.

Breakfast at North Point

North Point Marina will provide breakfast for all boats staying overnight with free mimosas.

Return to Waukegan

Racers and cruisers may return to Waukegan at any time Saturday or Sunday. It’s up to you. At this time, no race is planned for Sunday, but we are willing to set something up if there is enough interest.

Don’t miss it! Join us Saturday!

2018 WJCYC Fall Calendar

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club Social Committee met on Tuesday, Aug 28 and set dates for our Fall and Winter calendar to the end of the year.

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events and support as many as you can. The Club cannot continue to operate if members do not support our activities. Paying your dues on time is not enough to keep the doors open and keep the club financially healthy. We need the participation of all members in our activities and events, too.

If you don’t see an activity you like, please join us at our next Social Committee meeting and suggest an event or activity that you would support. All suggestions are welcome!

Click the links on the events below to see more information.

Sept 1 – Bar and club open at noon for special powerboat race.
Sept 5 – Race 17 – Last Wednesday Race.
Sept. 8 – Polonia Regatta. Skipper meeting 1100. Start 1200. Race to Zion and back.
Sept. 9 – Buoy race #1 & #2 1100 start. Bar will be open and grill food 1300 after race
Sept 12 – Adult sailing starts. (Six Sessions: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17). $175 members. $250 non members.
Sept 15 – Offshore Race #1 Waukegan to Racine 0930 start
Sept 16 – Offshore Race #2 Racine to Waukegan 1000 start
Sept 22 & 23 – Race/Cruise to Winthrop Harbor . Race and Party sponsored by North Point.
Sept. 23 – Offshore #3 Louie’s Last Regatta  Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 29 – LAST RACE RACE – Waukegan to Kenosha.
Sept. 30 – LAST RACE RACE – Kenosha to Waukegan
Oct. 6 – Dinner Details to follow
Oct 7,
Oct 14,
Nov 4,
Nov 11 –
Celestial Navigation  (4 classes) (1100-1500).
$20 for members,
$100 non-members.
Oct 13 – Buoy race #4 & #5 Start 1100
Nov. 10 – Sail Awards Banquet and Commodore’s Ball
Dec. 1 – Italian dinner
Dec. 9 – Holiday Decoration and Kids Christmas party.
Dec. 31 – New Year’s Party.

Waukegan Mac Racers win 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

Three Waukegan boats took part in this year’s race to Mackinac Island and finished safely. All three of our boats won top honors in their sections. Everyone should congratulate the following boats, their skippers and crew:

Boat Skipper(s) Finish Time
Husaria Kris Kaminski 1d 21h 28m 29s
Sirocco 3 Robert Klairmont 2d 3h 52m 18s
Spitfire Jonathan Burba, Mike Cunningham and Jim Hellquist 2d 11h 29m 22s

Husaria win 1st Place in Section 2

Congratulations to Kris and his crew for pulling in a 1st Place finish in their section.

The crew of the sailing vessel Husaria accept the first place award for section 2 in the Mac Race
Kris Kaminski and his crew accept the flag for 1st Place in Second 2

Sirocco wins 2nd Place in Section 3

Congratulations to Sirocco who won 2nd place in Section 3.

Sirocco crew accepts 2nd Place trophy
Sirocco crew accepts 2nd Place trophy

Spitfire wins 3rd place in Section 6

Congratulations to Spitfire who won 3rd place in Section 6.

3rd place flag for spitfire in Mac Race
Spitfire wins 3rd place in their division of the Mac Race.

We wish all the racers safe travels as they bring their boats home. This year the race was marred by bad weather and the loss of one crewman from the boat Imedi. We pray for his family and friends.


87th Chicago-Waukegan Race Great Success!

On June 16th the Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club hosted the 87th annual Chicago-Waukegan sailboat race. Nearly 130 boats registered for the race and over 100 took part in the race.
Sailboats preparing to start a race
Chicago-Waukegan race start off Montrose Harbor
This year the weather was unpredictable as usual. The wind started briskly coming from the south from 5-7 knots. Most boats immediately launched their spinnakers and the various sections started to battle it out for the lead.
sailboats preparing to start a race
Chicago-Waukegan race start off Montrose Harbor
A little over an hour after the last boat crossed the starting line the wind abruptly swung around to the northeast at over 10 knots. The shift caught many boats unprepared as their crews jumped into action to dose their chutes.
Now the race had shifted to a close hauled beat to windward. But, as they say, “if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait five minutes.” Less than another hour passed and the wind began to shift around to the east and not long afterward back to the south once more.
Chutes came out again and this to stay. At first, the wind was steady and strong, but ebbed over the next few hours. Fortunately, for most of the fleet they were able to stand to Waukegan and the finish line. By 2:00pm, the majority of racers had crossed the line and retired to the north harbor where they rafted off the club dock, or to berths they had rented in the south harbor. Waukegan racers simply went off to their own berths.
sailboats finishing race with spinnakers
Boats finishing the 87th Chicago-Waukegan race
The weather in Waukegan was sunny and warm and perfect for a cookout. Grills were fired up and many racers grabbed a burger, brat or hot dog and a cold brew or rum and coke. The club and dockside was alive with members, racers and guests.
dockside at the club
The dock was filled with members, racers and guests

Dinner was an Italian buffet and was served starting at 5:30pm. Food went fast and actually ran out by 8:00pm. Live music started by 7:30pm and rocked the club for a few hours before the awards were made. The party continued well into the night.

people drinking at the club
All parts of the club were humming with conversations, laughter and sea stories.
Sunday morning came early and many sailors and guests took advantage of Bo Harper’s Bloody Mary bar! Many took advantage of the hot breakfast provided by the club. By 8:00am, the Committee boat cast off to set up the starting line. The first section started at 9:05 and each following section went off in 5 minute increments. In less than an hour all 9 sections were gone.
sailboats racing away
In a blink of the eye the racers were gone, headed back to Chicago
The Board of Directors would like to thank the following volunteers who made this event a major success:
Claudia Aisenberg, Larry Beliant, Jeff Bernachi, Colin Classen, Richard Fee, Yvonne Fee, Mary Ellen Giffels, Jose Guzman, Bo Harper, Lynne Hellquist, Erik Hellquist, John Johnson, Barbara Klupiec, Chris Klupiec, Mark LeVan, Jim Maivald, Paul McEntee, Aaron Milks, Kim Nerheim, John Rouse, Viktoriya Rouse, Tom Sivia, Nikki Sullivan, and Al (Jeep) Trefts. Let us know  if we missed your name.
volunteers selling tickets for food and drink
Volunteers made this year’s event a tremendous success

Celestial navigation class begins Oct 6

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club’s celestial navigation class is scheduled to begin Sunday, October 6 covering dead-reckoning, fixes by visual bearings, chart reading, and various topics to prepare students for taking their first sun line.

The class is organized in four session that will discuss sextant use and calibration, computing sun, star and planet observations to produce lines of position (LOP), computing latitude and longitude, and other topics for obtaining fixes anywhere in the world using celestial observations.

You do NOT need to be a member to sign up! This seminar is open to the general public and offered to club members at the cost of materials.

Click here to see all the topics that will be covered and to register.