Welcome to the Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club

Harbor view of Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club
Harbor view of Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club provides a full-service yacht club to boaters and watercraft enthusiasts on the north shore. During the sailing season we have weekly club races and a special schedule of fall races. When the harbor is open the club offers dinner service for members and guests on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Off-season the club is also open and available for special events and parties. Members can access the clubhouse 24/7 to use the showers and bathrooms and for safe harbor.

cocktail bar at Waukegan Joseph Conrad Yacht Club
Have a cocktail at the bar or order a tasty treat from the kitchen.

Not interested in racing? We boat along one of the best cruising grounds in North America. Whether you want to go for a weekend or for a month, there are places to go. Cruising with a group gives you the added camaraderie of boating with friends and the added security of numbers. Power boaters will get there faster and sailors will get there cheaper but, on the dock, the drinks and food and love of our lake are the same.

people riding in a powerboat
The club has an active power squadron

Cruising with the Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club is a no–host event. We try, when possible, to have slips close together. On the day of the cruise, we meet for a brief “captains’ meeting” to work out final details.  First boat to the destination helps the later arrivals. Generally, we have a get-together on the dock where each boat brings an hors d’oeuvres and their favorite beverage. There is then the opportunity to go out for dinner as a group or eat aboard. On the return departure, guess who helps with the dock lines!

clouds reflected on the water in Waukegan Harbor
Another beautiful day in Waukegan Harbor

Don’t own a boat? No problem, the club owns an impressive fleet of dinghies and small sail craft that are free to use by all members. In 2017, the club received the donation of a 27-foot sloop. In 2018, this boat will be available to members for both racing, cruising or just daysailing.

Three smiling people sailing on lake michigan
Sailing on the lake is a fun group activity.

Don’t know how to sail? The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club offers and hosts classes for adults, youth and children in sailing, crewing, basic seamanship, sailboat racing and even navigation. Classes are free or discounted for members.

sailing dinghies in the harbor
The club’s fleet of sailing dinghies and small sail craft are all available to members

You can see that there are many reasons to join the Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club. So, what are you waiting for?

Sailboat racing crew class great success

Saturday, March 10, the club taught one of our first new series of classes and seminars. Saturday nine eager sailors joined us to learn various skills to become crew on racing sailboats this year.

crew class student tying a bowline
Crew class students learned how to tie some basic knots

The class taught terms and terminology, sail trim, winch basics, skills in rope work, basic first-aid and what to expect on a racing sailboat.

woman tying a bowline
Crew class student tying a bowline

Students were all looking to join racing crews this year.

Club commodore demonstrates knot tying
Commodore Jim Hellquist demonstrates how to tie a knot properly.

Sail Racing Rules and Strategy Class April 22 & 29

Are you ready for racing season?

Take your sailing up to the next level. This two-session class will teach you the racing rules and strategy you’ll need to know to join any racing series held in the waters of the United States or sanctioned under the auspices of World Sailing. The rules of sailing, like the ones for golf, are self-regulated and self-enforced. It’s vital that all participants know and follow the rules at all times.


Register for the Sail Racing Rules and Strategy

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Dinner Gets Rave Reviews!

The club was filled with dozens of smiling members and guests who were regaled with an amazing menu of tasty treats, which included Hong Kong Spring Rolls, Peking Duck and grilled filet Mignon in mouth-watering six-course dinner.

Over 60 members and their guests enjoyed a wonderful six-course dinner masterminded by renowned chef and restaurateur Alan Yeun. Everyone gave rave reviews of the food, decorations and atmosphere.

By far the food was the hit of the night. The dinner started with Hong Kong Spring rolls with delicately fried won ton wrappers and a delightful chili dipping sauce.

Hong Kong Spring roll
Hong Kong Spring roll

The second course was a multihued salad of edible flowers, Asian pear, honey glazed walnut and greens.

Multihued salad
Multihued salad of greens, edible flowers and Asian pear

The third course was champagne mimosa with tapioca.

Champagne mimosa with tapioca
Champagne mimosa with tapioca

The fourth course provided amazingly succulent Peking duck in Grand Marnier sauce with black rice.

peking duck
Peking Duck with Grand Marnier sauce and black rice

The fifth course came with medallions of filet mignon in Burgundy sauce with trio mushrooms and garlic potato puree.

filet mignon
Filet mignon medallions with Burgundy sauce

The final course was a dessert of flourless chocolate cake, ginger sauce, ice cream and fortune cookie.

dessert of flourless cake and fortune cookie
Flourless chocolate cake, ginger sauce and ice cream with fortune cookie

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Last chance for Celestial navigation class

The Waukegan | Joseph Conrad Yacht Club’s celestial navigation class started off on Sunday, March 11 covering dead-reckoning, fixes by visual bearings, chart reading, and various topics to prepare students for taking their first sun line.

There are still three more session ahead that will discuss sextant use and calibration, computing sun, star and planet observations to produce lines of position (LOP), computing latitude and longitude, and other topics for obtaining fixes anywhere in the world using celestial observations.

It’s not too late to sign up! The next session is scheduled for March 25. This seminar is open to the general public and offered to club members at the cost of materials.

Click here to see all the topics that will be covered and to register.

Frostbiting kicks off at the club

On December 3, we broke out the El Toros for the first time this Fall to start off the frostbiting sailing season. It took a little effort to find all the right sails and spars, but we finally got the fleet out in the water.

The sails may have not matched the hull number, but it didn’t matter. The boats sailed nevertheless.

The winds were light but the weather was perfect for our first day.

Frostbiting will be open every Sunday from 11am-3pm, weather permitting and the harbor is free of ice. Break out your winter sailing gear and come out and join us!